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CALLS is a loop based post rock trio with some math rock influences. We are old friends who came together to do as much as we can with what little we had, and to chase a passion of connecting with people through live music.

CALLS was formed by Josh McKinley while he was in college writing loop based post rock music primarily due to a lack of people to write post rock with otherwise. This developed in to a method of songwriting and with the recruitment of life-long friend Mike Messina on drums CALLS was born.

The band was a two piece for years, and the first 9 track album "Refloating" was written and performed as such. Shortly before entering Mystery Ton Studios to produce Refloating with Kenny Eaton the decision to add bass was made. Josh wrote and tracked bass initially with the plan to eventually find a permanent third member for live duties.

With the imminent release of Refloating on October 15th 2016, Joe Conserva was recruited on bass duties. After a few live shows it was evident he was a natural fit to the group and is now a full-time member. 

CALLS is currently writing new music and any show updates will be announced on our "SHOWS" page.

Saguaro - CALLS
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