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We're alive and we've got a single for you

I'm not sure how to say this to be honest but we are finally here with something tangible.

You can listen to and download the new single at To celebrate the release of our first song from our upcoming album, we are doing a short 22 day Teespring campaign for our first Tee Shirt as well.

You can check out the shirt and purchase that at Although we don't have a final release date yet for the rest of the album, we will be giving anyone who buys this shirt a free digital copy of the full album when it is released. We are a bit apprehensive about calling this a "preorder" because a specific date is not yet announced but we would like to call it a thank you to the people who decide to support us. To be clear, 100% of the profits from this short campaign will go to helping us with the last chunk of funding towards the mixing of our album. It is something that Mike and I have been funding as a two piece for years now and are on the cusp of finishing it ourselves but any help here would just make it a bit easier for us to finish it a little quicker. So if you were interested in snagging a shirt anyways, you can grab it and enjoy the added bonus of securing a code for the download of the full album the second we have it ready for you. We would like to thank the people who waited patiently for us to create a lasting record of our music. We are extremely happy with what we will be bringing you guys and this is the first step towards the realization of our first album. There are 8 more songs for us to finish revising and hopefully before you know it we will have our first proper album in your hands. -Josh

Saguaro - CALLS
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