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Click the link above to listen to and get a free download of the song "Longest Ride Ever" from our upcoming album.

If you're interested in a little backstory on the song I would recommend clicking the link and playing the song in the background, then continuing on below. I normally don't do these types of things but I guess if I have a blog on this website I should put that shit to some use.

Little known fact - this is the first song I ever wrote when I considered seriously starting to write music. I was in college at the time trying to study music and probably a little over my head because you can only really pretend to read music for so long until your teachers start to catch on.

Anyways, I played a few open mics at some cafes and eventually a friend who I met who was on a similar path through community college level music education filmed me playing this song and uploaded it to youtube. A little while after that I got a random request to check out a new facebook page for a label called Pirate Ship Records.

I linked them to this song on the off chance that someone viewing the page might like it and a week or so later I got a message from PSR about potentially releasing some music through their label. I hadn't even considered that possibility and had always heard of the hassle of reaching out to labels and trying to somehow stand out in the flood of generic hey-check-out-my-band emails. I was pretty surprised but this also lit a fire under my ass and I got to writing more music.

This was pretty huge for me because I was not thrilled about the fact that I couldn't discipline myself to relearn music in a way that would jive with a classroom, and suddenly I had this validating force behind my drive to create. It pushed me to write more and as a band Mike and I worked our way up from the handful of loop-station based open mic jams to 9 refined songs.

Everything since then has been a blur of strangely lucky opportunities, and a healthy dose of real-life-shit getting in the way. It wasn't a pristine process but we are almost rounding the corner on finishing our first album and that is a reward in itself.

We know the wait for this release has been longer than we can realistically justify but we are here to release a version song that we can finally feel comfortable putting out as a mark of what has come from the little open mic jam that started it all.

7 more songs comin' at ya as soon as we can fam.

Saguaro - CALLS
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