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Merch Drop 2017

We got new shirts! When I designed these I didn't really expect that it would become somewhat of our "logo" for a while but people have been asking for them ever since our little teespring campaign so we have decided to bring them back. We printed a few in Blue and Maroon.

Snag em while they're around.

We also finally got CDs. So if you want to throw some support our way and own a physical copy you can now do that.

They don't look half bad. You grab these at any of our shows including the upcoming CALLS/Reunite Pangea show on 3/10 at O'Briens. Or at this quaint link.

Thank you guys so much for your support. We never would have bothered to keep doing this if there weren't homies out there enjoying the ride with us.


Saguaro - CALLS
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